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Guesthouse in Palos de la Frontera

Aliocio Rooms located in Huelva- Palos de La Frontera, is a different concept of accommodation with a modern and functional style.

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Un concepto diferente de alojamiento

Aliocio Guesthouse (or Pensión) is an accommodation facility with a modern, functional and different concept. Aliocio Guesthouse (or Pensión) in Palos de la Frontera is located at 10 kilometres away from Mazagon beaches, Coto de Doñana and very close to Huelva city.

It is located within the Columbian places, a few kilometres away from the Monastry (Monasterio) of Santa María de la Rábida, the cradle of the discovery of America.

Aliocio Guesthouse is an innovative, functional, modern and colourful lodging. It has 13 rooms with all the needed facilities for a comfortable stay, such as a private bathroom for each room, television set, air conditioning, Wi-Fi and so on.

Aliocio Guesthouse offers cleaning and laundry facilities for you to use at your convenience. You only have to ask at the reception desk. You can come into your room with a provided access code in order for you to get a complete freedom to enter and leave your room. Besides, we have a private parking place in addition to being a well-connected spot.

Aliocio Guesthouse has been created to satisfy the guests not only on their holidays on the beach, due to its proximity, but also for your working contacts for its closeness to the industrial park.

Aliocio Guesthouse’ asset is its privileged location and facilities, which make it one of the best establishments among others in the same category.